Flame-retarder for PET

Brief Introduction: The phosphorous-containing flame-retarder for polyester , which is suitable to copolymerize with the monomers of polyester , was successfully developed and had been put into large scale production in recent years. The flame-retarder has many advantages such as low add-on , perfect flame-retardant property (in general, to add 3-3.5%,the LOI value is up over to 30), low smoke , simple for application and low-cost . It is the best choice to produce flame-retarded polyester.

Physical and Chemical properties :

Apperance white power

Structural formula OH(R1)P(O)(R2)COOH

PH 1.5 in saturated aquesous solution

Melting Point 158-162

Solubility in Water 3.2(wt,%)at23

Water Content 0.4%(wt)

Decomposition Temp. >350

Packing: white plastic cask (in see-through plastic bags), net weight 25kg/cask.


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