Soluble PVA Top

PVA soluble top is widely used in blending with wool yarn, bast fiber to increase the yarn count. This PVA top can completely dissolved in water with 80 C - 90 C. It is an ideal product to blend with wool or bast.


Technical specification:

Dissolving degree: 80 C - 90 C (can be regulated within 75C - 98C accordingly).

Length: 90 +5mm (can be regulated accordingly).

Super length fiber ( >200mm): <10mg/100g

Top weight: 5 - 10 g/m

Dry breaking tenacity : > 4cN/dtex

Thread density: 1.56 +0.05 dtex


Process: The wool or bast top blend with PVA soluble top and weave into yarn-fabric after roving and spinning, de-vinylon completely during the process of crabbing. Then you can get fabric lighter, softer and thinner. With the used of PVA top soluble, the blended yarn count can be greatly improved which will greatly reduce cost compared with making changes to the existing equipment.


Technical data of PVA cut-draft top soluble:

Item data

Element yarn tenacity dtex M+6%

Cut-draft top length: mm 90+5

Thread tenacity g/m N+0.4

Dissolving breaking temperature < 98 C

Dry breaking tenacity cN/dtex >4

Hard fiber stand mg/100g < 20


(This product is same with the Japanese K2 .)


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